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Our mission is to publish free theological curriculum for the multiplication of indigenous, non-formal Bible schools and seminaries worldwide. Our free 20-course curriculum tool, now being translated into 32 majority-world languages, is turning homes, sanctuaries, cafés, and even shade trees into locally governed, locally structured, and locally financed theological classrooms.

We have developed a 20-course curriculum tool for non-formal theological training. SGC curriculum is Christ-centered, it is adaptable to various contexts, and it makes training reproducible. The curriculum reflects biblical, orthodox teaching, respect for various theological traditions, and a desire for evangelical unity.

Our 20 courses are being translated into 32 languages. As of January 2024, all courses are available in English, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. Additional course translations have been completed in each of the other languages. We desire to have all 20 courses translated into 32 of the world’s major languages by 2028. Other languages are also being considered.

We freely distribute the curriculum to leaders and ministry partners for use in formal, non-formal, and informal theological training programs. However, our curriculum is especially written for non-formal settings. We offer all curriculum to trainers for free in digital form (webpage and app) and grant local printing and distribution rights upon request.

SGC is equipping pastor-trainers across denominational lines and in 47 countries (2024). Our role is to provide the curriculum tools that make locally governed, locally structured, and locally financed programs possible. We do not own, name, or control these programs.

We collaborate with mission organizations and with a broad spectrum of like-minded training ministries at home and abroad. We eagerly sign free printing and distribution agreements with churches and organizations throughout the world.

Anyone may freely download and print SGC courses. Still, we prefer to create a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for pastor-trainers who desire to print and distribute courses to a group. This allows us to assist trainers, receive constructive feedback, track growth, and share stories!


We are developing a network of trainers around the world, and we offer online coaching for any trainer upon request.

Our Curriculum Has Been Used to Launch Training Programs in 47 Countries

South Africa

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The courses are doing wonders by changing and transforming people’s lives. Many leaders I am training are turning away from sin in a way that I have not seen before. I thank God for this ministry.

Allegri Parmigren
SGC Trainer in Zambia

Shepherds Global Classroom is taking important steps to provide much-needed resources that are biblical, orthodox, and accessible.

Dr. Tom McCall
Asbury Theological Seminary

SGC provides core training curriculum for our missionaries and local training partners in Mexico, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and several countries on the continent of Africa.

Dr. R.G. Hutchison
Director of Bible Methodist Missions

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