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This Is Our Goal

The mission of Shepherd's Global Classroom is to equip the body of Christ by providing curriculum for emerging Christian leaders around the world.

The need for well trained, Spirit-filled Christian leaders around the world is enormous. Traditional Bible schools and seminaries cannot produce spiritual leaders fast enough to meet demand. And these institutions are not accessible to vast numbers of emerging Christian leaders in most countries.


The goal of SGC is to provide high quality Biblical training in a readily accessible format so that coffee shops, conference centers, or even personal homes can be transformed into classrooms where faithful Christian leaders can be trained to "teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)

Features Of Our Curriculum

Affordable – It is accessible to students around the world.

Comprehensive – No other textbooks are required and tests and answer keys are provided.

Adaptable – It can be used in a variety of training venues and is adaptable to different cultures.

Group Oriented – It is designed for group learning but can be easily used by individual learners.

Interesting – It makes use of illustrations, stories, quotes, character sketches, dialog, maps, charts and timelines throughout.

Relevant – Each course is packed with practical application.

Multiple Translations – Each course is already being translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Creole and Tagalog, with other translations being planned.

Professional Certification – This is awarded for every SGC course completed, when applied for.

Ready To Get Started?

All of our courses are available as free downloadable PDFs. (Don't worry - we have an app coming soon!) Choose a course and start learning today.


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