August Update

Each day, the SGC team is moving closer to reaching our 2023 goal: 20 courses completely translated into 6 majority world languages and made available to underserved pastors and pastor-trainers everywhere through the SGC mobile app and webpage. The Lord daily provides for the needs of this expanding ministry!

Pray for Brother O

Why does SGC exist? For the sake of pastor-trainers like Brother O, who ministers in a predominantly Muslim country.

Just yesterday, Brother O reached out to us with this request: “I am Rev. O from the Presbyterian Church of ________…. We are looking for resources to enhance the theological capacity of our pastors. Most of our pastors are from the rural areas. We want to provide them with reliable theological resources.”

Over a Zoom call, this brother reminded us of church burnings and other hardships his pastors have been enduring in recent days, and how much these mostly rural pastors need the kinds of ministry/theological training tools SGC provides. He was thrilled to know that we already have courses translated into his country’s official language! What a profound honor to equip pastor-trainers like Brother O.

August Travel

This month I’ve been privileged to represent Shepherds Global Classroom at Greenfield Bible Methodist Church in Greenfield, IN; Oak Grove Church in Mercer, Pennsylvania; and Eastlake Community Church in Moneta, Virginia. I deeply appreciate pastors Mark Potter, Randy Richey, and Troy Keaton—and others like them across the country—who see SGC as a strategic missions arm of their congregations and are helping us equip pastor-trainers all over the world!

Would you like your local church to be challenged by an SGC service in 2024? If so, let’s talk!

Vision Dinner 23

Nearly 100 individuals have already signed up for the Saturday, September 30th SGC Vision Dinner, but there’s still room for you! This free, annual event is always a highlight, and this year will be no exception. Dr. Randall McElwain will be sharing our vision for Global Training. You’ll hear stories of impact, and you’ll be challenged by the opportunities we have to disciple Christian leaders all over the world. If you’re able to join us, Becky and I—along with the rest of the SGC team—would love to see you here!

Translation Update

We’re thrilled to share the incredible progress made over the past month, all thanks to your unwavering support!

This month, we sent our final translation contract of the year to Christian Lingua, our translation company. Once this contract is complete, all 20 courses will be fully translated into the following languages:

  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Tagalog
  • French

Your support for these translations allows us to reach countless rising Christian leaders with quality biblical training.

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