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Survey of Church History I

Course Description

This course describes how the church fulfilled its mission and protected essential doctrine through the period from the early church to the Reformation.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

The Apostolic Church

Lesson 2:

The Church Fathers: Establishing the Faith (AD 70-313)

Lesson 3:

The Church Fathers: Challenges to the Faith (AD 70-313)

Lesson 4:

Creeds and Councils (AD 313-410)

Lesson 5:

Creeds and Councils (410-590)

Lesson 6:

The Early Middle Ages (AD 590-1054)

Lesson 7:

The Late Middle Ages (AD 1054-1417)

Lesson 8:

Prelude to the Reformation (AD 1090-1517

Course Author

Dr. Randall McElwain