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Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship

Course Description

This course is a tool to help the church fulfill its mission.

The course emphasizes the centrality of the local church, showing that the gospel is the mission of the church, and that the nature of the gospel should shape the church.

By explaining the basics of the gospel, it corrects some errors of modern methods that do not lead a sinner to genuine conversion and Christian living.

The student will be equipped to develop his ministry.

Most of the lessons of the course can be taught as complete topics for various kinds of groups. For example, a lesson can be used to teach a method for presenting the gospel.

The 12 Practical Christianity discipleship lessons included at the end of this book are for students to use with groups of new converts. A larger set of 26 lessons (including these 12) is available from Shepherd’s Global Classroom.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to teach students to:

  1. Explain the implications of the gospel for the nature and design of the church

  2. Review the basic doctrines of the gospel

  3. Train believers in practical methods of evangelism

  4. Understand the responsibility of the church for discipleship

  5. Define and describe the task of discipleship

  6. Learn practical methods for leading a small group for discipleship

  7. Provide a series of lessons to be used in discipleship of new converts

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Accepting the Great Commission

Lesson 2:

The Theology of Conversion

Lesson 3:

The Urgency of Evangelism

Lesson 4:

Essential Points of the Gospel

Lesson 5:

Evangelicalism and the Gospel Priority

Lesson 6:

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 7:

Prayer and Fasting

Lesson 8:

Jesus' Method

Lesson 9:

The Bridge Gospel Presentation

Lesson 10:

The Roman Road

Lesson 11:

Evangelistic Preaching

Lesson 12:

Opening Doors

Lesson 13:

Adapting Evangelism Methods

Lesson 14:

Ministry to Children

Lesson 15:

The Design of the Church

Lesson 16:

Real Disciples

Lesson 17:

Toward Spiritual Maturity

Lesson 18:

A Small Group Manual

Lesson 19:

Discipleship Prayer and Practice

Course Author

Dr. Stephen Gibson

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