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Doctrine and Practice of the Church

Course Description

This course presents the biblical concept of the church as central to God’s work on the earth. The student will gain understanding of Christian unity, church membership, fellowship, financial support of ministry, tithe, baptism, communion, church discipline, and signs of church maturity. The course explains principles and applications for the life and work of the church.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to teach students to:

  1. Understand the identity and biblical description of the church

  2. See God’s plan for the church, and the work of God in the church

  3. Learn the responsibilities of a member and leader in the church

  4. Apply principles for the support, administration, and development of the local church

  5. Be equipped with content and structure for teaching about the church

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

One God and One Church

Lesson 2:

Christian Unity

Lesson 3:

The Local Church

Lesson 4:

Church Associations

Lesson 5:

Church Membership

Lesson 6:

Sharing Life Together

Lesson 7:

The Church in the World

Lesson 8:

Local Church Support

Lesson 9:


Lesson 10:


Lesson 11:


Lesson 12:

Church Discipline

Lesson 13:

The Character of a Christian Leader

Lesson 14:

Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 15:

Questions for Church Maturity

Course Author

Dr. Stephen Gibson

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