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Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life

Course Description

This course gives a biblical description of the holy life that God expects and empowers for a Christian.

Course Objectives

None available

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

The Beauty of Holiness

Lesson 2:

Holiness Is Relationship

Lesson 3:

Holiness Is the Image of God in Man

Lesson 4:

Holiness Is Separation

Lesson 5:

Holiness Is an Undivided Heart

Lesson 6:

Holiness is Righteousness

Lesson 7:

Holiness Is Loving God

Lesson 8:

Holiness Is Loving Your Neighbor

Lesson 9:

A Holy Life Is Lived in the Fullness of the Spirit

Lesson 10:

Holiness is Christlikeness

Lesson 11:

Holiness Is Unbroken Fellowship with God

Lesson 12:

Is A Holy Life Possible?

Course Author

Dr. Randall McElwain

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