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Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Course Description

This course teaches the principles and methods of interpreting the Bible properly in order to guide our life and relationship with God.

Course Objectives

None available

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Lesson 2:

Step One: Observation – Looking at a Verse

Lesson 3:

Step One: Observation – Looking at Larger Sections

Lesson 4:

Step Two: Interpretation – Introduction

Lesson 5:

Step Two: Interpretation – Context

Lesson 6:

Step Two: Interpretation – Word Studies

Lesson 7:

Step 3: Application

Lesson 8:

Principles of Interpretation

Lesson 9:

Building a Bible Study Library

Lesson 10:

Putting It All Together

Course Author

Dr. Randall McElwain

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