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Exploring the Old Testament

Course Description

This course teaches the essential content and teachings of the 39 books of the Old Testament.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Introduction to the Old Testament

Lesson 2:

Genesis: In the Beginning

Lesson 3:

Exodus–Deuteronomy: The Beginnings of National Israel

Lesson 4:

Joshua–Ruth: Pictures of Faithfulness and Unfaithfulness

Lesson 5:

Samuel–Chronicles: The Rise and Decline of Israel's Monarchy

Lesson 6:

Ezra–Esther: Books of the Restoration

Lesson 7: 

Job and Psalms: Hebrew Poetry

Lesson 8:

Proverbs–Song of Songs: Hebrew Wisdom

Lesson 9:

Isaiah: The Fifth Gospel

Lesson 10:

Jeremiah and Lamentations: The Weeping Prophet

Lesson 11:

Ezekiel and Daniel: Prophets in Exile

Lesson 12:

Minor Prophets I: Hosea, Joel, Amos

Lesson 13:

Minor Prophets II: Prophets to the Nations

Lesson 14:

Minor Prophets III: Prophets after the Exile

Course Author

Dr. Randall McElwain