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Our Story

While conducting a two-day teaching event for local Christian leaders in Africa, Rev. Timothy Keep, SGC’s founder, was burdened by the lack of training resources that these believers needed to continue their biblical education. SGC was founded to equip underserved Christian leaders all around the world by providing a comprehensive curriculum for grassroots theological training.

The Need for Discipled Christian Leaders Is Enormous!

  • 85%–95% of pastors around the world are untrained or undertrained.

  • It is estimated that inside the 10/40 window 5 million pastors have no access to biblical training.

  • There is only 1 pastor for every 500,000 people outside the USA.

  • Doctrinal famine has led to real world pain and suffering. 

  • According the the World Evangelical Alliance, the lack of biblical training is the greatest crisis facing the evangelical church around the world.

  • Traditional Bible schools can’t possibly meet the need alone. We need to expand training to grassroots settings.

SGC's Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a curriculum for emerging Christian leaders around the world.

Our vision is to see homes, coffee shops, and even shade trees transformed into “classrooms” where faithful believers are discipled and sent to the harvest.

SGC curriculum covers the doctrinal and practical fundamentals for Christian leader training, and is a simple-to-use tool for pastors and missionaries who desire to establish structured, informal, and non-formal training programs in any context.

Our Plan to Spread Discipleship Around the World

SGC has a four-fold plan to see our vision become a reality.

  1. Create an affordable, comprehensive, multi-translation curriculum that is simple yet robust while being adaptable to a variety of global contexts.

  2. Enhance our curriculum through technology, including audio, video, and app-based resources.

  3. Develop partnerships with like-minded missions organizations who will be the primary avenue for distribution and implementation of our curriculum.

  4. Develop a method of trainer training, known as Shepherds Global Trainers (SGT), which will be implemented by our partner organizations.

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