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For years, I’ve heard about Shepherd’s Global Classroom and seen their books. But until my recent trip to the Philippines with President Timothy Keep, I didn’t understand the scope of their vision, the urgent need they are working to address, or the impressive network they have already developed in countries across the world.

As the pastor of a small rural church in Central Pennsylvania, I’ve often wondered what difference we can make in helping to fulfill the Great Commission at a global scale. We hope to raise up and send more missionaries from our church, but even if we do, the size of the harvest is overwhelming.

Through my time in the Philippines, I came to a deeper realization that the church is already experiencing rapid growth in many parts of the world, and there are emerging indigenous leaders who are willing to shepherd the flock. The church is not struggling with numerical growth. It’s not even struggling to find people who are willing to pastor. The challenge is a lack of resources and training needed to develop their God-given gifts so that the church can be built up and protected against false doctrine (Eph. 4:11–16). Around 85% of pastors worldwide have little or no theological and ministry training!

In the Philippines, the church is growing and new churches are being planted, but there is a great need for more trained leaders. I met one young married couple that have had to start attending different churches on Sunday morning—the man pastors one church, and his wife helps at another. Shepherd’s Global Classroom provided the church in the Philippines with the resources and training that they need to raise up more leaders to meet the growing demand. Their joy, gratitude, and excitement about the future were infectious.

Johnathan Arnold Teaching to around 100 Filipino Pastors

I hear many complaints about the lack of discipleship resources in American churches, but we are swimming in resources compared to most places in the world. By partnering with Shepherd’s Global Classroom, churches in the United States can help to equip the 85% of pastors worldwide who have little or no theological and ministry training. Once equipped, these pastors will train others who train others (2 Tim. 2:2), and the church’s mission will continue to go forward.

Johnathan Arnold is a husband to Lexi, daddy to Adam and Teddy, pastor of Redeemer Wesleyan Church (, and president of Holy Joys (

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