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SGC Training in Cameroon

A team from FEA Missions and Shepherds Global Classroom will be visiting Cameroon from July 24-Aug 1 as part of the Africa 85 Initiative. Benjamin McDowell, Lucas Wilson, and Randall McElwain will travel from Hobe Sound. Glenn Gault, Maricka Herrer, and Dr. Joseph Mpakanyan will travel from Lesotho and South Africa.

This will be the second visit to this location. In 2022, a team from SGC visited Douala Cameroon to assist Pastor Timothy in using SGC curriculum. On this return visit, we will do further training for Pastor Timothy’s team. After our sessions in Douala, the trainers from Lesotho and South Africa will travel to Yaoundé for a second training seminar.

Training Topics

Topics for the sessions will include:


Challenges for biblical education in an African context

Testing and evaluation

Learning styles

Teaching for change

Biblical parenting

Holy lifestyle

Thank you for your prayers for the team members and for the teachers we will serve in Cameroon.

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