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Training Continues in Cameroon

Updated: Aug 9

“This is not the end of the journey; it is only the beginning.”

This message was repeated throughout the week as a team of six SGC trainers met with teachers from SGC Cameroon for six days in July. The week included ongoing teaching training, discussions with the Cameroonian teachers about the challenges of teaching in an African context, and a ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the first year of training.

On Wednesday night, HIM Mission Director, Benjamin McDowell spoke on the Urgency of Missions in the 21st century. He reminded the audience that the training they were receiving is just the beginning; they are being prepared to make disciples. In a nation that is approximately 30% Muslim, Director McDowell focused on the call to reach the Islamic world with the gospel.

In the SGC training sessions, Africa85 partners Maricka Herrer and Glenn Gault also emphasized the need to prepare students to make disciples.

Certificate Ceremony

On Sunday, the first class of nineteen students celebrated their first year of training. Each student received a certificate from Columbia International University, a partner of SGC.

Dr. Joseph Mpakanyane from Lesotho, spoke at the ceremony and challenged the students to committ themselves to serving the Kingdom.

After the American contingent left Cameroon, Glenn Gault, Maricka Herrer, and Dr. Joseph Mpakanyane traveled to Yaoundé where a second institute will be established. God is doing great things through SGC Cameroon. This is just the beginning!


If want more information on how Shepherds Global Classroom can help you start a training program, contact Dr. McElwain.

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