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SGC in Papua New Guinea

Much has changed in Papua New Guinea since the days of Don Richardson’s famous Peace Child, the great book that told the story of early missions in this mountainous country. Today, there are churches throughout the nation; many pastors have access to a Bible college; God is doing a great work.

But in the inland regions, there are still many pastors who cannot leave their families to attend Bible college. They live a subsistence life, growing food to provide for their families and pastoring with little or no financial support.

It is a privilege for SGC to serve these pastors. I am writing from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport after the first leg of a trip that will go through Los Angeles, Manila, Port Moresby PNG, and finally to Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. God has given the opportunity to minister to two groups of pastors.

The first group serves in a very rural area. They are committed to evangelizing the tiny villages that dot this mountainous region.

The second group meets in the town of Mount Hagen. This group has several students who have completed most of the SGC courses. Started by Shirley Fogelman, this class has met regularly for several years. Some of the pastors are finishing their program; others are in the early steps.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue serving these pastors. Pray for the students who often travel a long distance to attend the training. Pray that the teaching will be clear. And pray that God’s Spirit will anoint these pastors as they serve their churches.

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