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SGC in Nepal

God is opening many doors for Shepherds Global Classroom

The beautiful, bustling, culturally rich country of Nepal is dominated by Buddhism and Hinduism and stands in great need of the Gospel, and of trained, devoted pastors to proclaim the Gospel. While Christianity is growing there, believers remain an extreme minority.

A wide door has opened for us to help launch an indigenous training program for underserved pastors in Nepal, especially those serving in rural areas outside of the capital city of Kathmandu.

Pastor Barnabas Pandit was born into the Hindu priestly caste and endured a very traumatic childhood. He came to faith in Christ in his late teens through the reading of God’s word.

About three years ago Barnabas became a very engaged and encouraging participant in my “SGC Live” study group, studying through several SGC courses. And during one of these studies, he asked if SGC would be willing to come to Nepal and help him launch a training program for the dozens of pastors he knew around the Kathmandu valley with no access to biblical training. Dr. Steve Oliver and I made an exploratory visit in 2022.

Exciting Things Are Happening!

Five SGC courses and our training manual were translated earlier this year into the Nepalese language. And just a few weeks ago another important step was taken when our team conducted a training seminar for the 69 pastor-trainers Barnabas brought together for the event.

And the Lord met with us! We worshipped. We were challenged by the pressing command of 2 Timothy 2:2 to “teach others who will teach others also.” We learned best practices for teaching and mentoring. And we did a lot of fun practice teaching! These were such good, good days!

Pray For Nepal

Pray for Barnabas as he and his team, in partnership with SGC and Evangelistic Faith Missions, pursue this exciting training vision for underserved Nepalese pastors. Pray for a training program that will meet the unique needs of Nepalese pastors and for the right training model to fit their unique context. Most of all, pray that through this program God will raise up pastor-trainers who will lead the church of Nepal into a deeper knowledge of the word of God, and into the fullness of the life of Jesus.

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