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Practical Christian Living

Course Description

This course applies scriptural principles to the use of money, relationships, the environment, relations with the government, human rights, and other areas of practical living.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Christian Integrity

Lesson 2:

The Practice of Obedience to God

Lesson 3:


Lesson 4:


Lesson 5:

God's Guidance

Lesson 6:

The Biblical Concept of Marriage

Lesson 7:

The Sacredness of Marriage

Lesson 8:

Cultivating a Strong Marriage

Lesson 9:

Purposeful Child Raising

Lesson 10:

Issues of Raising Children

Lesson 11:

Christian Ecology

Lesson 12:


Lesson 13:


Lesson 14:

Human Value

Lesson 15:


Lesson 16:

The Christian's Body

Course Author

Dr. Stephen Gibson