Practical Christianity

Sep 4, 2017 | Christian Beliefs, General Ministry

These 26 lessons will lay out practical Christianity in today’s world. This short series is aimed at new Christian converts and those just beginning their walk with God. Chapters include:

  1. The Life Worth Living
  2. The Saving Encounter
  3. Assurance of God’s Acceptance
  4. Communicating with God
  5. Reading What God WRote
  6. Spreading the Invitation
  7. Extending My Obedience
  8. Devotional Bible Study
  9. Praying Like David
  10. The Refining of Faith
  11. Establishing Spiritual Disciplines
  12. Accepting Spiritual Accountability
  13. Benefits of Prayer
  14. Praying with Heaven’s Perspective
  15. The Privilege of Victory over Sin
  16. Passion for the Mission
  17. Faith That Survives
  18. We Need the Church
  19. Winning over Temptation
  20. God’s Guidance
  21. Hindrances to Prayer
  22. Relationships
  23. A Careful Christian LIfestyle
  24. Word Power
  25. Christian Work Ethics
  26. Making Right Decisions

The PDF download includes student worksheets and handbook for discipleship.

The series is written by Stephen Gibson, one of our curriculum writers. He has made it available to us and our constituents. We pray it will be a blessing to you.



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