Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship




Perhaps you have found yourself uncomfortable with the modern emphasis on “easy believism” resulting in, (what German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer referred to as), “cheap grace” and shallow Christians. Have you wondered what the missing elements are in so much of our evangelism? Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship is extremely relevant for our time. It is a tool to help spiritual leaders understand and fulfill Christ’s mandate to, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations”, beginning with biblical evangelism.

Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship emphasizes the centrality of the local church, showing that the gospel is the mission of the church, and that the nature of the gospel should shape the church. Also, by explaining the basics of the gospel, this course will help correct some errors in modern methods which do not lead a sinner to genuine conversion and Christian living. It will give you a better grip on the task of discipleship, offer practical methods for leading small groups, and provide you with a series of lessons to use in discipleship of new converts. Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship is sure to stir your mind and challenge your heart.



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