Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life




For many Christians, holiness seems to be either an outdated concept with no practical application to life today or a legalistic attempt to earn favor with God through a particular lifestyle or set of religious practices. However, the biblical doctrine of holiness is much more beautiful! A holy life is a privilege promised to every child of God.

A right doctrine of holiness is biblical. The Bible teaches a joyful doctrine of holiness that guides our relationship with God. To be holy is to be what God created us to be. It is not a burden; it is not legalism; it is a joyful walk with God. The Shepherd’s Global Classroom course Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life looks at the biblical terms that describe holiness.

A right doctrine of holiness is practical. Any right doctrine is practical; it can be lived in daily life. Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life looks at practical aspects of holiness. Through a look at Christians from every era of church history, you will see that God empowers His children for a holy life in every age and every nation.

God is preparing a holy people to live with Him in a holy city… forever. Please join in our study of God’s great plan for shaping His people in His image.


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