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Exploring the Old Testament is an essential study for every spiritual leader. The Old Testament is the key to unlocking many of the fundamental questions of life; ‘Where did we come from?’ ‘Why are we here?’ ‘What is God like?’ ‘Why do we live in such a broken world?’ and ‘What is the hope of mankind?’

Many Christians think of the Old Testament as a collection of ancient documents filled with difficult words and strange rituals, written long ago and having very little to do with contemporary life. Others struggle with the stories of violence and with a God of wrath who rains fire from heaven to destroy entire cities. They’re terrified of the Old Testament!

Exploring the Old Testament will leave you not in unholy fear but in awe of God’s holy love. In this course, we will see the incarnation and substitutionary death of Jesus Christ foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament.

Exploring the Old Testament introduces a God who created mankind in His own image, a God who loves fallen men even when they are unlovable, and a God who steps into the chaos of a sin cursed world to redeem and reestablish relationship with fallen mankind. Through historical narrative, prophesy, poetry, romance and proverbs, the Old Testament paints a beautiful portrait of God’s holy, redemptive love. We invite you to join us in this inspiring study.


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