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Fifty years ago, AW Tozer said that the missing jewel of the Evangelical Church is worship. Tozer said that evangelicals do many things well in our churches. We emphasize careful Bible teaching; we promote evangelism; we reach into our communities. But Tozer said, “We do not do a good job of the thing that is central to the Christian Church – the worship of God.”

The study of worship is important because worship will last for eternity. Our worship on earth is rehearsal for worship in heaven. The Shepherd’s Global Classroom course, Introduction to Worship, will bring biblical breadth and balance to your understanding of worship. It will help prepare you for the “worship wars” and sensational extremes which divide too many congregations and grieve the true Spirit of worship.

Introduction to Worship will give you a greater appreciation for the unique worship traditions practiced around the world. In this course we will survey church history to see how worship has changed over time. We will study each of the elements of worship in our church services today. Through this practical study, we will learn how to honor God in our worship and through that be transformed into His image.

In Introduction to Worship, you will learn how worship shapes all aspects of the Christian life. In many churches, worship is limited to a 60-minute service on Sunday mornings, but the Bible offers something far more life transforming. Worship involves our family relationships, our financial stewardship, our service to the community, our vocational work, and our fellowship with other believers. Worship involves all of the Christian life, because everything we do is to bring honor and glory to the God we worship. We believe your life will be greatly enriched by Introduction to Worship.


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