Principles of Biblical Interpretation




Have you sometimes found certain passages of Scripture to be confusing? Have you struggled to understand historical and cultural references in the Bible? Have you ever wished you were more equipped to understand difficult passages? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, Principles of Bible Interpretation is for you! Principles of Bible Interpretation will give you practical tools for rightly interpreting and applying God’s word—tools every spiritual leader must become skilled at using.

The Bible is a roadmap which will lead us faithfully through every season of life, but only when it is understood and navigated properly. The one who says, “Whatever the Bible means to me is fine!” will soon find himself confused and lost. What we need to discover is, “What is God teaching me through his Word?”

In the Shepherd’s Global Classroom course, Principles of Bible Interpretation, you will learn simple but practical steps to understanding the Bible. You will learn to read and observe scripture and to discover its colorful details. You will learn practical steps for interpreting God’s Word. You will explore the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in illuminating the scriptures to our minds and hearts. You will learn steps to apply Scripture in daily life. I invite you to join us in this practical study, Principles of Bible Interpretation.


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