Principles of Communication




The Shepherds Global Classroom course, Principles of Christian Communication, is designed to equip you to become a more effective speaker and writer. Excellence in communication is essential for every spiritual leader, especially those whom God has called to a preaching/teaching or writing ministry.

If a mechanic cannot communicate well, we are not too concerned, as long as he repairs our vehicle! But informing, edifying, motivating and leading men demands the proper use of words. Words are our tools. This course will teach you to employ words more thoughtfully, accurately and effectively.

Principles of Christian Communication includes teaching on the theology of communication, principles and problems in communication, the ministry of preaching and teaching, guidance for preparing sermon outlines, expository preaching, effective writing, the pitfalls of cross-cultural communication, and the role of the Holy Spirit in communication. We pray that this course will make you a more effective leader and communicator.



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