Survey of Church History I




Survey of Church History I is a study of the church from Pentecost until the beginning of the Reformation. This course will equip you for spiritual leadership by helping you evaluate doctrines and practices of the contemporary Church in the light of God’s providence through its history.

We are not the first generation of Christian believers! We benefit from 2000 years of church tradition. The doctrines that we take for granted today were hammered out by great Christians of the past. As past generations faced heresies, false teachings and cultural challenges they found ways to express biblical truth in ways that are still instructive to us today.

In this study of Church History you will learn that the problems we face today are often rooted in events from long ago. Disagreements and misunderstandings between Christians and denominations today are sometimes rooted in conflicts that started centuries ago. The better we understand the past, the more effectively we can see our way through the challenges of today. Over and again as you study church history, you will say, “Ah! That sounds like today! That’s a problem we have today.” We invite you to join us in this powerful SGC Church History course as we learn lessons from believers of the past 2000 years.


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