SGC Partner, Maricka Herrer

Shepherds Global Classroom is grateful for our partnerships with remarkable ministries and individuals across the globe.

These collaborations stand as a testament to our shared vision of providing sound biblical training to rising Christian leaders in every corner of the world. We recently received this message from Maricka Herrer, one of our partners working with Africa 85:

SGC has been a key element in Africa 85 helping to start training programs in at least 10 African countries over the last two years. From seminaries in city centers, to small groups of rural village pastors being trained by a traveling teacher, to an informal training program for Christian leaders in a refugee camp, our partners consistently comment on the versatility and depth of the SGC courses allowing them to effectively train God’s people in their given contexts. The availability, and ongoing translation into other languages (particularly French, Portuguese and Swahili) also makes SGC much more accessible to those we minister to. As one educator told me in a recent conversation: “We simply cannot get [Christian training] curriculum of this quality in our language otherwise.”

Maricka’s words capture the essence of our mission, highlighting the versatility and depth of the SGC courses that have allowed us to effectively nurture God’s people within their unique contexts. The feedback we receive from our partners reinforces the significance of our courses. Maricka’s quote underscores a pivotal aspect of our mission: accessibility. The translation of our courses into languages such as French, Portuguese, Swahili and over 30 other languages, has exponentially widened our reach. Over the past several years, we have witnessed the transformative power of Biblical education and training.

Maricka Teaching

As we continue on this exciting journey of bringing sound biblical training to rising Christian leaders around the world, we thank you for your continued support.

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