Why SGC?

The unique benefits of the SGC model

Provides a set of 20 courses for a complete training program.

Uses the gifts God has given the local church.

Equips pastors and missionaries to form ministry training centers.

Helps turn students into teachers.

Offers certificates for course completion.

Available for purchase in many countries in print form, and downloadable from the SGC website in digital format.

Grants printing and distribution rights to approved SGC Distributors, for a small royalty of $0.25 to $1.00 per course depending on economic conditions.

Welcomes Full Partner Ministries and offers them complete access to all printed curriculum at cost and digital curriculum for free. Full Partner Ministries are organizations which have the means to share with us in our vision. (Please inquire).

The characteristics of SGC courses

Written by godly men who love Christ, His Word, and His Church; men with exceptional credentials and many years of cross-cultural training and leadership experience. See their profiles here.

Written and developed with an international audience in mind, our courses are being translated into a number of languages.

Developed with a non-sectarian commitment—avoiding controversies over issues non-essential to the gospel—and an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Christ’s world-wide fellowship.

Include built-in teaching techniques – written in a teaching format.

Packed with illustrations, stories, quotes, character sketches, dialogue, maps, charts and timelines throughout.

Provide discussion questions, assignments and group activities with each lesson.

Designed for group instruction, but practical for individual study as well.

Average length of 180 pages and 15 to 20 lessons.

Useful for various levels of study with various kinds of groups.


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