Where Should I Start with SGC?

Let Us Help You on Your Discipleship Journey

We often get asked, "What course should I start with?" While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, we can help you narrow down your options. Below are a few lists to help you make your decision.

Once you select a course of study, there are three ways to begin learning: 1) you can purchase a printed course, 2) you can download a free PDF of the course, or 3) you can download our free app (coming soon).

Take Every Course In Order

If you would like to take every course we offer, we suggest taking them in the following order:


  1. Exploring the Old Testament

  2. Exploring the New Testament

  3. Christian Beliefs

  4. Romans

  5. Principles of Biblical Interpretation

  6. Eschatology

  7. Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life

  8. Spiritual Formation

  9. Introduction to Christian Worship

  10. Practical Christian Living

  11. Introduction to Apologetics

  12. World Religions and Cults

  13. Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship

  14. The Life and Ministry of Jesus

  15. Doctrine and Practice of the Church

  16. Ministry Leadership

  17. Principles of Communication

  18. Survey of Church History I

  19. Survey of Church History II

For Discipleship or Small Group Study

If you are studying in a discipleship group, we suggest these courses as a great place to start:

  1. Christian Beliefs

  2. Doctrine and Practice of the Holy Life

  3. Spiritual Formation

  4. Romans

  5. Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship

  6. World Religions and Cults

  7. Eschatology

High School or Youth

If you are a Bible teacher looking for courses for your youth group, or if you are a young person who wants to go deeper in your walk with God, start with these courses:

  1. Exploring the Old Testament

  2. Exploring the New Testament

  3. Christian Beliefs

  4. World Religions and Cults

  5. Introduction to Apologetics

Would you like to see what each course has to offer?

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