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Ministry Leadership

Course Description

This course is designed especially for Christian leaders of ministry, but uses principles that apply to any leadership role. It shows why conviction is the foundation of leadership. A potential leader will learn how to develop his abilities and character and increase his influence before he is in an official position. Leaders will learn how to guide their organizations through the process of discovering values, realizing purpose, sharing vision, setting goals, planning strategy, taking action, and experiencing achievement.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to:

  1. Define leadership as personal influence

  2. Recognize conviction as the foundation of leadership

  3. Learn the biblical qualifications for leaders

  4. Lead for the sake of those who are led

  5. Manage personal priorities for success

  6. Motivate people to fully commit to a goal

  7. Prepare to develop and lead a team

  8. Plan the vision, goals, and strategy of an organization

  9. Understand cultural perspectives on leadership

  10. Apply principles regarding speaking, time, money, and dress

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Defining Leadership

Lesson 2:

Biblical  Qualifications for Leaders

Lesson 3:

The Importance of Leadership

Lesson 4:

The Making of a Leader

Lesson 5:

Servant Leadership

Lesson 6:

Character-Based Leadership

Lesson 7:

Personal Priorities

Lesson 8:

Levels of Leadership

Lesson 9:

Connection and Engagement

Lesson 10:

Team Building

Lesson 11:

Ministry with Purpose

Lesson 12:

Leading Change

Lesson 13:

Developing Leaders

Lesson 14:

Crossing Cultures

Lesson 15:

Performance Response

Lesson 16:

Public Speaking

Lesson 17:

Personal Issues: Money, Time, & Dress


Vision Crafting

Course Author

Dr. Stephen Gibson

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