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Spiritual Formation

Course Description

In this course students learn to have the attitudes of Jesus, to relate to God the way Jesus related to his Father, to humble ourselves as Jesus did, to practice the spiritual and personal disciplines of Jesus, to endure suffering as Jesus did, and to engage in the Christian community (the Church) formed by Jesus.

Course Objectives

None available

Course Overview

Lesson 1:

Formed Into the Image of Christ

Lesson 2:

The Building Blocks of Spiritual Formation

Lesson 3:

The Forming Power of Biblical Assurance

Lesson 4:

Spiritual Formation Through Knowing God

Lesson 5:

Spiritual Formation Through "Self" Awareness

Lesson 6:

Spiritual Formation Through "Self" Awareness

Lesson 7:

The Image of Christ Through Spiritual Training

Lesson 8:

The Spiritual Disciplines of Devotion (Solitude, Meditation, Fasting, Simplicity)

Lesson 9:

The Spiritual Disciplines of Devotion (Private Prayer)

Lesson 10:

The Spiritual Disciplines of Action (Confession, Submission, Service)

Lesson 11:

Personal Discipline (Our Tongue, Our Thought Life)

Lesson 12:

Personal Discipline (Appetite, Time, Temperament, Personal Convictions)

Lesson 13:

Formed Through Suffering

Lesson 14:

Formed Through Christian Community

Course Author

Rev. Timothy Keep

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