World Religions and Cults




‘What is the basic teaching of Islam and Hinduism?’ ‘Why is the prosperity gospel so dangerous to the Church?’ ‘How do I answer my Mormon or Roman Catholic neighbors?’ These and many other questions will be addressed in this very helpful study: Cults and World Religions. In this course, which includes a very helpful handbook of Christian doctrine, we will explain the basic beliefs and history of selected cults and religions, contrasting them with Christianity and evaluating their doctrines and practices by the Bible. You will be better prepared respond to the errors of wrong religions and to protect Christians from deception.

Cults and World Religions will help Christians understand the basic doctrines of some of the most influential cults and religions, help Christians understand why certain false doctrines are harmful, equip spiritual leaders to protect their congregations from the influence of cults, train Christians with biblical answers to the errors of cults, and offer practical directions for evangelizing members of cults. Without a doubt this is one of the most practical course SGC has developed and we believe it will make you a more informed, discerning and redemptive spiritual leader.



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